Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

Bellow, I am going to list 24 Fun things to keep in your car.

I think we can all agree that having some cool car/truck accessories makes a BIG difference in the enjoyment level, when spending lots of time in your automobile.


Automatic PRO AUT350 OBDII Realtime Auto Tracking/Monitoring Device

This great little tool made by Automatic will allow you to monitor your car’s status at any time, while in operation.

You can find out the details when your check engine light comes on, with just a quick check on your mobile phone using the ‘Automatic’ app.  That way, you will know whether the check engine light is indicating a minor problem, or something more concerning that needs to be checked out ASAP.

This sweet little device will also allow you to track your car at any time, whether the car is running or not.

The Automatic Pro can be integrated with Echo, your home automation devices, or any other part of your life that you control digitally.



Escort iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector

Don’t let the police ruin another nice cruise on the highway/freeway for you ever again.

Pick up one of these amazing radar detectors to make sure that your mos recent speeding ticket will also be your last!

Fun things to have in your car 1

It is 100% the best bang for your buck for a radar detector on the market today.  It is a very high performing long range laser radar detector that has early warning & fast response features on all radar bands.

This model has proprietary technology that is hyper sensitive to radar bands far away, yet it programmed to ignore false alarms via its GPS monitoring of false alarms in the area.

It also has built in technology that will ignore new car collision avoidance systems that often give off false alarms to the less sophisticated radar detectors.


NOCO  2000 Amp Automotive Battery Booster /  Jump Starter Pack

You will never get stranded with a dead battery again if you have THIS little wonder in your car/truck.

Fun things to keep in your car

They are small, which makes storage very convenient inside your automobile.  They also pack quite a punch with 2000 Amp to help fire


Thisworx TWC-01 Car Vacuum

Fun things to keep in your car

If you have children, then you know how fast they can turn the back seat of your

car/truck/van into a complete mess.

A quick clean up is easy when you have this 12 Volt portable car vacuum.  Whether you are cleaning up food crumbs dropped by your little ones, or even dirt and sawdust from a hard day on the jobsite, the Thisworx TWC-01 Car Vacuum makes clean up a breeze.



Portable Breathalyzer Device

Do you ever wonder if that one glass of wine you just had with your supper, has allowed enough alcohol to enter your bloodstream and make you legally impaired?

Worry no more!  This great little tool can measure your blood alcohol level and help you make an informed decision about whether you should drive home, or call for a ride.

You can find a wide variety of brands and prices of portable breathalyzers on .

NOTE: I personally would NEVER recommend that someone get behind the wheel of an automobile after consuming ANY alcohol.  Please be well educated about your state’s laws when it comes to operating a motor vehicle with any alcohol in your system, so that you can make a well educated decision.


12V High Speed USB Charger

Since we are talking about ‘fun things to keep in your car’ , I should probably list a 12V USB car charger here.  But not just any charger, one that looks cool and offers a faster charge than the average 12V charger.

You can get the traditional style USB car charger like the Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger.

Or, you can get a nice flush mount USB charger kit like the Ainope 4.8A aluminum alloy car charger kit (link to one on amazon or find another one that is a flush kit)

If you want something REALLY cool, then check out THIS Ainope model that has a digital display on it which shoes the current voltage running through your car’s electrical system.

If you want something REALLY REALLY cool, then take a look at the Alexa-enabled 12V USB car charger.  With this charger you can easily use voice control to:

  • Get directions
  • Shop online
  • Play music
  • Ask questions/get information
  • Make phone calls
  • Listen to audiobooks, and
  • Many more great features


Automotive ‘Dash Camera’ System

There are a few different kinds of these available on the market at the moment.

Fun things to keep in your car

Dash cameras are a great tool to have in ANY automobile for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They can provide solid evidence that can be helpful in the case of an automotive accident in which you are not at fault
  • Some automotive insurance companies are now offering discounts on premiums for drivers that have equipped their automobiles with a dash camera
  • You can monitor your teenager’s driving habits when he/she asks to “Borrow to the car for the evening”

You can find some great deals on these right now on the Amazon website.


Car Emergency Tool

OF course, no one EVER wants to think about a situation where they may be involved in an emergency situation involving their automobile.

However, making sure that you are prepared IN CASE OF an emergency, is a smart thing to do.

In some instances, an auto emergency may make it very difficult for one to exit their car in a safe and timely manner.

There are auto emergency tools like an ‘Emergency seat belt cutter and window hammer’ that allow for a quick exit from a seized seat belt if the situation were to occur. NOTE: There are certain accident situations where the seat belts DO seize up and it makes it extremely difficult to get out of the automobile.

The glass hammer will allow for easy exit out of the side windows in the case where the doors become inoperable (eg-in a side impact situation, or if an automobile plunges into a body of water).


There are also auto emergency tools available that are a combination of several useful devices.  for instance, THIS model is a 6-in-1 device that has the following features:


  • Emergency window glass breaker
  • Seat belt cutter
  • 2200 mAh power bank
  • Flashlight
  • Red emergency beacon
  • USB car charger

This one would be a VERY versatile option and easily accessible since it would be most likely plugged into the 12V accessory port, within easy reach by the driver.


12V Automotive cooler/warmer

This would be the perfect little unit for those who spend a lot of time away from the office, for work or play.

A construction worker would find these very helpful in keeping their breakfast and/or lunch warm/cool while they are at work.

These sweet little units would also come in very handy for those who love all-day excursions on the weekends.  Maybe a trip to the lake for some fishing, or a day-hike in the mountains?  Nothing would be more refreshing, than coming back to the car and having a nice cold beverage after a day in the hot sun!


Inflatable Automotive Jack

I wrote about these in another article on my website titled “ 25 Essential Pickup Truck Items ”.

These are, by far, the easiest way to lift up one side of your vehicle that I have ever seen.

You simply place the heavy duty ‘bag’ under the side of the vehicle that you wish to lift up, and then hook it up to the exhaust tailpipe, and then wait for the magic!   Your car/truck is easily lifted up so that you can change out your flat tire.

These are especially handy if you often find yourself travelling in areas that have some unstable ground – like when off roading, or on muddy work sites.  In these situations, finding a stable flat spot to support the factory-supplied vehicle jack can be extremely difficult, making it unsafe to use.


Backup Camera

I talked a little about Dash Cameras earlier in this article.

A Backup camera can be just as useful, if not MORE useful, than dash cameras.

It all depends on usage, but a dash cam can be really helpful if you drive or park in extremely tight areas.  For instance, if you have to parallel park on a roadway often, then you will find the addition of a backup camera one of the best purchases you have EVER made.

The backup cameras help you know how much room you have when backing up in a parking spot, or in any other tight maneuvre situations.

Or what about picking up your little kiddos at school?   These backup cameras can give you that extra piece of mind when backing up in the school parking lot.


Automotive Desk

These can come in VERY handy if you have to use a laptop in your automobile for employment purposes.

These ‘desks’ usually come in 2 different styles:

  • Steering wheel mount  – These are flat style trays that mount to the steering wheel in your car/truck
  • Passenger front seat model – These are a 3D model that comes with a deep base and a flat top that often has open slots for papers, files, pens, pencils, etc


Automotive Swivel Tray

Automotive swivel trays are handy for those who have a busy lifestyle and find themselves always ‘on the go’.

Do you need to answer an important phone call from the car, while eating ‘on the fly’?  These handy trays can hold your food while you pull over and take that important phone call.

This can also be used to hold your phone if you don’t particularly like any of the dash/vent style phone holders.


Automotive Tuner/Programmer

Ok, THIS is most likely the item on this list that will provide the most “FUN” , haha.

These are great little devices that allow you to do the following:

  • Change the factory settings to increase horsepower and fuel efficiency
  • Check and clear trouble codes and analyze vehicle data
  •  Make adjustments on the fly, to optimize vehicle performance after upgrading parts in your car’s air intake,    engine, or exhaust system


Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit

I can vouch for this item personally.

I know most newer cars have Bluetooth capability built in (as my wife does with her car).

However, I am still driving my 2010 Nissan Titan as my daily driver (it’s a fantastic truck with low miles and In great shape) and the ONE item that I wish my truck had, is the big digital display and Bluetooth system built in.

When I listen to the music on my phone I use one of these to connect my phone to the truck.  I used to use the AUX cable for years but that was a pain in the ass.

But now that I have one of THESE, I no longer need that pesky cable.


Seat Covers

These are a great way to protect your vehicles seats!

I have had seat covers on my truck for the last 3 years.  They have saved my seats a number of times.

Between landscaping, camping trips, quadding trips – my seats get plenty dirty.  But with the seat covers, its only the covers – I can easily clean them and my seats are still mint underneath.

You can get seat covers that are universal fit (cheaper), and you can also get them in custom fit models that look FANTASTIC.  However, they are more money for the custom fit ones.


Car Windshield HUD Heads Up Display Unit

Do you find it difficult to continuously look down and check your current speed on the speedometer, and yet keep your concentration on the road ahead?

IF so, this is an excellent solution that will help you keep your eyes focused on the road, and yet still be able to check your speed, and RPM & fuel levels, engine temperature, and many other settings.

You can even set up this unit to give you a signal if you are travelling too fast!

These units are actually very affordable, as most are priced at less than $50.


Power Inverter

I used to run a TV off of my truck sometimes using a power inverter haha.

A power inverter is used to convert the voltage of the power in your car/truck from 12 volt to 110 volt so that you can plug in an item with a household style plug-in end on it.

Now, there are limitations of course.  If you want to run something like a TV, you would need a larger capacity power inverter unit.

Most power inverters I have seen usually specify right on the package what types of household items it can handle.

Inverters are so handy that some of the truck manufacturers are building them right into the vehicle – adding a household plug in outlet in the box of the truck.


Inflatable Car Mattress

Do you own a car, but you love going camping?  Do you hate the hassle of setting up & taking down a tent?

If so, boy do I have the solution for you!

You can get a backseat inflatable car mattress that will lay flat in the backseat of most cars.


Car Air Mattress


As shown here, these inflatable mattresses have pockets of air that fit down into the areas where the backseat passengers feet would go.  This allows the air mattress to have proper support and sit flat, to ensure a good nights sleep.

They are also very affordable, with many models selling for under $50.




12V Kettle / Coffee Maker

What’s better than a great night sleep in the comforts of your car on a sweet new backseat inflatable bed mattress?

A cup of fresh coffee or tea, made right in the comfort of your pajamas in bed.

Now, this can technically be done 2 different ways:

  • Purchase a 12V Coffee maker or 12V Kettle and these can be powered via your car’s cigarette lighter/accessory port
  • Purchase a 12 inverter, and plug in a small home coffee maker or kettle

NOTE: I personally would suggest the 12V inverter purchase, as it will be a great item that you can use in many different applications


Car air purifier/ionizer

Do you suffer from allergies in the summer?  If so, this neat little item will help keep your allergies in check when making trips in your car during the tough allergy seasons.

There are units that just purify the air, and then there are combo units that will purify and ionize the air (for odors).  There are even some that are air freshers as well (3 in 1 unit).

NOTE: For these units, you definitely get what you pay for.  You can get some cheap units for around $20, and there are some really good units at the $80-100 price point.

If you check on Amazon, you can read the reviews for each different kind of unit, and make a decision that is best for your needs.


Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Many newer cars come equipped with tire pressure sensors, which monitor the tire pressure in all 4 tires of your car/truck.  The system will give you a warning light or ‘notice’ on your dashboard if one (or more) of your tires have low air pressure.

However, some of the cars/trucks have the tire pressure warning system, but they don’t tell you which tire is low, and they don’t indicate the pressure levels of EACH individual tire.

You can now get aftermarket wireless tire air pressure monitoring systems that are super easy to install, even for the most novice beginner.

These systems include a tire pressure monitor that you install on each tire.  For this, you simply remove the air valve stem ‘caps’ from your tires and replace them with these screw on cap sensor units.

The main unit that goes inside the car simply plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter or 12 accessory port (they look the exact same, except the ‘accessory port’ does not have an actual ‘lighter’ insert in it).

Just read the directions on how to synchronize the 4 tire sensors to the main unit, and voila!  You now have a working wireless tire air pressure monitoring system!


GPS / Satellite Navigation Units

10 years ago, the GPS systems being manufactured were simply ‘just’ a navigation system, on a fairly simple screen.

Today, when you go to a large website like Amazon, or Best Buy, you can find navigation systems that are the same plain navigation units.  But you can also find systems that handle stereo, multimedia, internet, backup camera, and navigation – all in one sleek looking unit.

The plain Garmin entry level navigation units will start around $75-85, however the newer multi-purpose android units cost anywhere from $150-450.  These multi-purpose units do offer a LOT of functionality, and they do look terrific!!

I guess it all depends on your budget.  If you want some kind of navigation system for your vehicle, I would recommend you first decide how much you want to pay for a unit.

In my opinion, you have 3 options:

  1. Buy a dash or vent mounted device that holds your phone (Assuming you have a smartphone), and use the ‘Maps’ device on your phone for navigation. These map apps work almost the exact same as the Garmin (and other brands) GPS units do, and this would be the most affordable option.
  2. Purchase a basic GPS/Nav System and have it installed in your vehicle
  3. Splurge for one of the fancy multipurpose units – and sit back and enjoy the functionality & looks of these awesome little systems.


Rooftop / Truck bed Tents

Again….this is cheating just a little bit by having this item on the list….

But these are awesome…….especially the truck bed tent, in my opinion.

When tenting, it is always beneficial if you can get the tent up off of the ground to keep dryer and warmer


Roof top and truck bed tents accomplish this task easily.



Thank you for treading my article about ‘ Fun things to keep in your car ‘!

I hope you get a chance to take a look at at least a few of these amazing items for your car.  I guarantee that you wont be disappointed.

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